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Interview with Kyolucan-creator D SP-SP Kunio-Jidaigeki PC
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Ilya: Hello Kyolucan
Before start asking questions, We would like to express condolences over the recent tragic events in Japan.
I would like to express my gratitude to our entire community for your game, and for agreeing to an interview.
Kyolucan: Hello Ilya!
The disaster of Tohoku was very impact.Fortunately, I do not live there.I pray for the revival of Tohoku.

Ilya: My name is Ilya I will be asking you questions. Please introduce yourself.

Kyolucan: My handle name is Kyolucam. I am Japanese game-programmer. I made Kunio-kun no jidaigeki SPSP and Spy vs spy vs spy vs spy, and so on. I am making games now.

Ilya: Please say me your favorite games?

Kyolucan: Many. But now I often play are Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and Saints Row 2.

Ilya: When you first saw the game with Kunio Kun?

I saw Nekketsu-kouha Kunio-kun when I was a Grade-Schooler for the first time.

Ilya: What do you think about the games release with Kunio Kun on the SNES, in my opinion they have changed a lot compared the NES games?

Kyolucan: The division of TECHNOS-JAPAN can be clearly perceived. Changelessly, there are a lot of bugs.

Ilya: How do you feel about the games that release after the bankruptcy Technos?

Very bad. TECHNOS staff are related to those games. They don't have already enough abilities to make good games.

Ilya: How long have you been programming? Have you had prior this experience in creating games?

About 8 years. I acquired the program languages. C++, JAVA, etc...

Please tell us how the idea came to create a game and why you chose Downtown SP-SP Kunio-Jidaigeki?

Kyolucan: I feel NES game Downtown SP Kunio-Jidaigeki is not perfect. But its materials are excellent. Especially, the topography is abundant and interesting and very difficult. I wanted to challenge such difficulty. So I made SP-SP.

Ilya: How do you see the final version of your game?

Kyolucan: In Windows 7 os, there are some bugs. I can't still erase bugs perfectly.

Ilya: Do you plan to translate game of the English language or the release language SDK?

Kyolucan: No. but I want to release English version.

Ilya: We know that developing a game is always very difficult, please tell us how you motivate yourself?

Kyolucan: I do something different sometimes. when facing with the difficult problem, I Bring it to tomorrow. So time gives me good idea and recovers my motivation.

Ilya: In your game very well made betting, if it not secret please tell us how you calculated the odds win?

Kyolucan: Firstly, it calculates all entry characters' total power, And calculates their average, and divides Individual power by the average, and gives the value a little fluctuation. And it outputs odds.

Ilya: Do you plan to release the level editor?

Kyolucan: No. Isn't it "????" > "????"? "????" means very easy. "???" means normal. "????" means very hard.

Ilya: Do you plan to add multiplayer on internet?

Kyolucan: No. Online mode can't be made by myself alone.

Ilya: Will you open the source code of the game?

Kyolucan: I don't know. Now I don't plan it.

Ilya: Do you plan to do other games about Kunio Kun?

Kyolucan: Yes. I will release new Kunio Kun soon! Please look forward to it!

Ilya: Thank you for the interview, we would like to thank you for what you are doing such a wonderful game and I wish you continued success. Thank you.
the best regards.
Kyolucan: Excuse my poor English. I am glad for my game to be played internationally.I will be keeping make good games.

The End
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