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Форум » English branch » English branch » Interview with Mr.X-creator Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu for PC
Interview with Mr.X-creator Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu for PC
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But before I start asking questions, I would like to express my great gratitude to all of our resource and of those people who have played in your game, and MANY THANKS for the game.

1. My name is Ilias, i will be asking you questions. Introduce, please.
Hello you of the fan of Kuniokun of Russia
I am Mr.X.
I am a programmer of this game.
Thank you for the interview.
I understand only Japanese.
However, it worked hard and it supplied an answer to a question.
I think that there is a place where English is strange.
I apologize.
Please give your time to me though it is likely to have a hard time though it reads.

2. Mr.X as the idea came to create the game Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu?
Because I wanted to have been making kuniokun's game since childhood.

3. Why Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu?
I wanted to make Undoukai in reality.
Because it is the most favorite game in the series.
However, the person who had already made it hurt.
The liked one is Jidaigeki in second.
However, it was thought that it seemed to be difficult to make it.
Therefore, it made making in third liking it KakutouDensetsu that seemed to be easy.

4. As it was difficult to make a game?
The meaning of this question is not understood.
"Was it difficult to make the game?"
Is it a correct answer?
In that case, Yes, it was difficult.

5. What was harder to do in the game?
Routine of throw technique.
Hit judgment of character and map.
Movement routine of CPU.
Scenario of story mode.
I want to say everything.

6. Will you continue to update the game?
However, it is a terrible, slow pace.

7. Will support the game on the internet?
Because it opens it to the public only on the Internet.
Or, is it online play?
If so, I do not intend to mount.

8. Will be improved graphics and sound?
When graphic and the sound are made gorgeous,
it takes the trouble to make that much.
Therefore, it is not done. Moreover, I like Family Computer(=NES).

9. What new features will appear in the game?
Even I do not understand either.
It schedules it. However, it doesn't understand.
Because it changes by my feelings.

10. Will be make utilite for creating fighters?
The format of the character is not complete yet.
There is a possibility of making it when becoming complete.

11. Will be language SDK or translated English?
I understand only Japanese as shown in understanding.
Therefore, it doesn't make it.

12. As you see the relis version of the game?
Is it a girl version?
If so, it played.
Graphic is asunder.
I thought that having modified it was terrible.

13. Will openSource code game?
I do not intend to open.
Because it is shameful in the spaghetti source.
There is a bad person for it in the world, too.

14. As you see the NKD2 game?
I do not know.
Is it Kuniokun's fan game?

15 When you first see the game with Kunio Kun?
It doesn't remember accurately.
I think the sixth-year student from the fifth grader of the elementary school.

16. What are your favorite games?
If it is Kuniokun's series, it is DaiUndoukai.
if not so, dragon quest 3, SeikenDensetsu1, and SaGa2.
It is not decided to one.

17. Do you think there was potential of such games? I do not see such games now.
Is it a possibility of the game like the Family Computer?
The latest work of the Rockman series was put on the market last year.
There is a game of the dot graphic like the Family Computer in NintendoDS.
I do not think that the interest of the game is decided because of graphic and a sound alone.

18. Will you still make games with Kunio Kun?
It is not only a game of Kuniokun.
I want to make the game like the Family Computer more.

19. How many fans Kunio Kun in Japan?
It doesn't understand.
However, it must be in the game ranking of a favorite Family Computer.

20. Tell me please some Japanese sites about Kunio Kun?
It is a page from which the game of Kuniokun is made.
It is fan most famous page.
Capture information is a lot of pages that are.

21. We know about your port of NDK, the port of Dodgeball, Jidaigeki Dayo Zenin Shuugou, Daundokai, is there another games for PC?
I'm sorry I do not know either.
Woops! two links of the 20th questions became useless.

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Many thanks for your answers! We wish you continued success. Good luck.
Форум » English branch » English branch » Interview with Mr.X-creator Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu for PC
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